Tailor-made ice cream is not only a statement to impress, but it was born from an experience that led us to choose to reallocate our company within the ice cream world

let us explain you what it means and what are the advantages that our choice can bring to your ice cream shop.

  • have you ever thought about an ice cream all yours both in the flavour and taste?
  • Have you ever felt restricted by adapting your production to standard products?
  • Have you ever thought about creating the ice cream recipe by yourself?

If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, today you could have the opportunity to have the right answer for your needs

During these years of working we have been lucky enough to meet a lot of requests from our customers, and today we can say that we are among the few, or even the only ones, able to satisfy the secret desires of the ice cream artisans.

The ice cream artisan doesn’t focus just on sales, which are needed for the prosperity of his work, the true ice cream artist looks, scrutinizes and observes the customer’s gaze to understand the rate of satisfaction and palate’s ecstasy while they are tasting his ice cream.

The true ice cream artisan doesn’t produce ice cream just in order to fill a refrigerator aisle, he makes the ice cream because he loves this Divine product and he also wants that his passion could be recognized by his beloved customer.

The true ice cream artisan doesn’t sell an ice cream without savouring and checking it and then certifying, thanks to his experience, that he has made an excellent ice cream …

Unfortunately, the dilemma of the true ice cream artisan is that, several times, not having around an advanced lab, he spends too much time in rebalancing the bases and standard pastes not to his taste.

the problem of the true ice cream artisan is that if he delegates to someone else to prepare the ice cream, he is afraid that the ice cream is not what he really wants and desired for his customers (and many times  he is right to be fearful), so that can make him anxious

the problem of the true ice cream artisan is the time… the true ice cream artisan knows how to make ice cream from scratch but, too often he has time issues because his mastery needs a big amount of time. 

We are here to give you time to dedicate to your customer’s gaze, sweet opinion, satisfaction and why not, to the takings that your customers will let you get.

Imagine creating your recipe in a lab, to standardize it and even modify it simply with a call whenever you want.

Your ice cream will be exactly how you want it and it will be always the same unless you decide to modify it

What do we offer you???

Come visit us in our factory, or if you prefer let us come to you, and together we will elaborate and create your TAILOR MADE recipe, customized and unique, that will be included and guarded in our database and it will be used only to create your ice cream…

Exactly like if you were making it right now

Yes, we too have bases and pastes and everything you need to create a standard ice cream, but we are the first ones that can customize you requests and offer you exactly what you need, you don’t need to waste your time in doing it

We really put our experience at your service, because during the creation of your recipe we don’t simply write it, but we produce it and if it is necessary we can even get it better together, because you will be here with us, until reaching the point of excellence you asked .


Just fill the form below, or if you prefer, you can call us and set up an appointment and we could start arguing your requests.

There are absolutely no purchase commitment, we have never forced to purchase pallets of goods, but according to you exigence we will value but according to your need we will evaluate together and in a feasible way all

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