Lippolis, professional products for artisanal ice-cream and pastry

Since 1978 we operate in the field of artisanal ice cream and pastry.

We are always in step with the innovation in our laboratories and and with the marketplace.

This innovation, that for us does not mean to upset, but improves our research in the artisanal field of the ice cream instead, always giving improvements to the heritage of recipes, based on natural products, in order to get the most beloved sweet in the world with the top quality.

Our mission is to make you feel the emotion of enjoy every time the real taste of the real artisanal ice cream, as good as ever, taking care of both environment and health.

P.S.: we use only and exclusively natural colours, preferring km 0 raw materials supply, drawing up recipes with an high percentage of fruit / dried fruit / essential oils within rather than artificial flavors.

Our products


Our personalized and group training are opened to pastries and ice-cream makers.

On special occasions we arrange training classes for individuals who want to approach, discover and know