We have been producing semi finished products for ice-cream and pastries for over 40 years.

For our specific choice, we only prepare certified raw materials by transforming them into powder products, pastes, syrups and semifinished products for the preparation of homamade ice-creams.

Lippolis product is entirely italian and natural (no preservatives or artificial colourings, no gmo, no  hydrogenated fats) and with more than 90% of gluten-free products and therefore  perfect for celiac consumers.

Among our products, we would also like to present our “light-line” (free of complex sugars and fats) and the “Wellness-Line” (rich in soluble vegetable fibres which reduce bad  cholesterol).

Celiac disease and ice-cream

1 in 150 individuals in italy has celiac
For anyone who is suffering from celiac disease even a cake or icecream represent a threat to health.

Nowadays the scientific research and information can contribute to considerably reduce restrictions on celiac diet

In Lippolis we do our best in this, by proposing a gluten free quality, with a main objective:

Safeguard the all italian taste of our icecreams

  • no bland tastes
  • no insipid tastes
  • no floury tastes

“Only goodness, actually a lot of goodness for everybody ”

We currently produce 90% gluten free products, therefore perfectly suitables for celiac consumers.

Gluten-free certifications are always available, just asking us the form, as in the following example

The Tailor-made ice cream

One of our priorities will always be to give to every ice cream artisan the chance to give their best, according to their special needs.
That’s why we created The Tailor-Made Ice Cream, where there is the chance to ask the customization of their ice cream recipes, to their image and likeness.
We offer our knowledge and our factory to bring out the best from the ice cream artisans who chose Lippolis.

Fruit in the Ice Cream

The philosophy has not changed since our birth in 1978 …

“we give our best to get the best”

Fruit is chosen with dedication by those who produce it with the same dedication
Amount of fresh fruit from a minimum of 55% up to 80%
Specific fruit of specific areas

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